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Healthcare & Wellness

Scenting your medical practice

The use of scent in the healthcare industry has been widely recognized for its ability to improve how patients feel. Results show that certain scents are able to relax patients and visitors and create a more positive environment.

Dental Clinics, Hospitals, and waiting rooms often create feelings of anxiety and stress. Whether you are a patient or visitor, the smell of harsh cleaning supplies and sterilisation can contribute to a negative experience. To create a more relaxing environment for patients and staff, medical clinics turn to the most powerful of all human senses - smell

“Results revealed that both ambient odors of orange and lavender reduced anxiety and improved mood in patients waiting for dental treatment.”

Lehrner, J. ,Marwinski, G. ,Lehr, S., Johren, P. & Deecke, L. (2005). Physiology & Behavior

Revitalize the air

Diffusing a soothing scent, such as lavender or eucalyptus, can trigger an emotional response in patients and visitors so the waiting room experience will feel less stressful. In paediatric practices, using child-friendly fragrances can make younger patients feel at ease. For aged care facilities, uplifting scents can be released to energize in the morning and soothing aroma’s can be released in the afternoon to calm and relax.

Ambient scenting has a positive effect on patient perceptions of service quality, cleanliness, and personal wellness. A scented environment will help patients feel happy and relaxed. To go the extra mile and use Air Aroma’s 100% essential oils to revitalize the air with natural anti-bacterial properties that fight the spread of airborne bacteria.


Diffusion of anti-bacterial products in medical environments can minimize the risks of infections by air-borne bacteria.

Calming nerves

Relax patients and create a positive impression by adding a scent waiting rooms and consultation areas.

Start scenting your clinic

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