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Scenting casino and gaming venues

Creating a unique experience for casino guests is of the utmost importance. From the moment they arrive, guests want to feel excited and energized, and casino owners want to provide a great ambiance. The use of scent within a casino environment not only creates brand loyalty and keeps guests returning, it directly increases the consumer spending.

The right fragrance will encourage players to relax, stay longer and spend more. Air Aroma’s patented Ecoscent technology can discretely scent large and complex casino layouts including many different zones at once, such as casino floor, poker rooms, high roller rooms, and more. All zones are scented via the casino’s central HVAC systems, located in mechanical plant rooms or rooftop air handler units, so the equipment is hidden from sight.

Fragrance Fact

Trials in a USA casino showed gambling revenue increased by 48% with the introduction of certain aromas.

(Hirsch, 1995 IJA)

Proven success with scent

Scent marketing is applied with great success in the entertainment industry all over the world. Studies have shown that scent can help casinos to increase their revenues by up to 53%. Other studies showed that visitors rated their evenings better and lengthened their stay in scented environments. Adding a fragrance isn’t only for visitors and guests; personnel and staff will also benefit from a fragrant and more pleasant environment.

Gaming venues are often plagued by cigarette smoke odours that are nearly impossible to remove. Air Aroma’s Arotec anti-smoke and odour removal technology has revolutionized casino scenting. Casinos no longer have to worry about unpleasant odours lingering in the air, instead, guests will smell nothing but your signature scent.

Increased Spending

Research shows that gamblers spend 45% more in pleasantly scented casinos.

Odor Removal

Air Aroma’s arotec technology can remove even the toughest odors, like cigarette smoke, from the air and leave behind a pleasant fragrance instead.

Start scenting your casino

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