Sensory Underground at Federation Square

20 August, 2019

Sensory Underground at Federation Square

An exclusive dining event is being held in a secret underground venue beneath Fed Square, enabling guests to be immersed in an innovative and multi-sensory experience.

Sensory Underground is part of the Anything But Square Festival, designed to deliver a range of sensory art, food and entertainment experiences in Melbourne’s iconic venue where art is able to be heard, touched and tasted.

After entering through Platform 13, Flinders St Station, diners will enjoy a futuristic inspired four-course meal prepared by Tokyo Tina. Each dish being carefully designed around current food forecasts for the year 2045, including sustainable food practices and seasonal local produce. The experience includes Blade-Runner inspired light installations by Melbourne artist Kit Webster alongside the ambient electronic soundtrack by Rival Consoles (London) to create a multidimensional environment. Guest will also be treated to a virtual reality spa by Phoria and an Asahi After Dark cocktail bar.

The event is set across a series of 90-minute sittings between July 31st to August 11th in a rarely seen space below Fed Square in Melbourne’s CBD. Sensory Underground has partnered with Air Aroma to incorporate scent into the event, adding another dimension to create a remarkable experience for their guests. Upon entry a cocktail inspired fragrance is used, referencing notes of gin to perfectly complement the cocktail guests will receive upon arrival. Diners will then be encouraged to walk through the Aroma Sauna and inhale a beautifully balanced blend of Australian natives while sipping on their drink to creating a truly immersive experience for all.