No Stress - Arobalance. Available soon from Air Aroma

18 October, 2011

No Stress - Arobalance. Available soon from Air Aroma

Air Aroma is proud to announce a world first in stress relief. Air Aroma’s No Stress - Arobalance™ is a unique scientifically proven stress-relieving product. The Arobalance™ formula is the result of ten years of research undertaken by Australian biomedical scientists on how to reduce the adverse effects of chronic stress.

Arobalance™ is made from natural extracts derived from green plants. It has been specifically formulated to produce a calm and serene atmosphere, proven to reduce chronic stress & assist with quality sleep. Arobalance has a light fragrance reminiscent of freshly cut grass and green leaves.

Arobalance is a waterbased product and can be used effectively in all Air Aroma diffusers including Aroscent, Ecoscent and the Aromax. Arobalance is also available in convenient spray bottles ideal for home use or travelling.

Stay tuned in the coming weeks for the official launch of No Stress – Arobalance™ on our website and Online Store. Pricing to be announced on release.