mPort scented by Air Aroma

03 March, 2015

mPort  scented by Air Aroma

mPort is a revolutionary concept, designed to track your health and fitness or improve the way you shop. The mPod creates your measurement passport by mapping over 200,000 points of measurements on your body with cutting-edge accuracy, providing you with an accurate and comprehensive overview of your body and a 3D measure-up in seconds.

No one likes to wait in line for a change room or find out that the clothes they bought online don't fit properly. myFashion captures your 3D body shape which assists you in shopping for your exact clothing size and allows you get tailor made clothes perfectly.
myHealth provides you with a comprehensive overview of your body, including BMI and body fat ratio percentage, allowing you to track your body shape, set goals and view health statistics, motivating you to improve your overall health and wellbeing.

mPort approached Air Aroma with the aim to create a friendly and approachable environment for their users whenever they use the scanning pods. Air Aroma helped mPort to achieve this desired effect by creating a refreshing and relaxing fragrance designed. The fragrance incorporates fresh Citrus and Coconut notes, combined with vibrant middle notes of Jasmine and Juniper Berry, with a base of Cedar and Sandalwood.

For more information on mPort and mPod locations visit the mPort website.
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