Air Aroma scenting VAMFF Grand Finale

14 April, 2015

Air Aroma scenting VAMFF Grand Finale

As part of the 2015 Virgin Australia Melbourne Fashion Festival, Air Aroma partnered with creative fashion and accessory brand Romance Was Born to scent the grand finale event of the Fashion Festival.

To compliment the otherworldly aesthetic theme, Bush Magic, Air Aroma created a bespoke Australian essential oil blend. A refreshing and stimulating blend of Eucalyptus Blue Gum, Tasmanian Peppermint with a touch of Pine.
Amongst a charming little shack with hanging Eucalyptus leaves surrounding the runway, the freshness of this lively essential oil blend delivered a multi-sensory fashion experience, transporting the audience to the Australian outback of "Bush Magic".
“Deep in the outback, there is a special place said to be magic, a place where fairytale spirits live, a secret meeting place where the trees and animals talk.” View the show credits.

No matter the audience or venue, scent plays a significant role in creating a multi-dimensional space that influences emotions and memories. To learn more about creating custom signature scents for your brand or event, contact us today.

Photo by: Lucas Dawson