The return of the Apple MacBook fragrance

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Artists Gavin Bell, Jarrah de Kuiper & Simon McGlinn (Greatest Hits) have returned to Melbourne to showcase their work "Untitled" at Neon Parc as part of the Charm School exhibition. First debuted in Melbourne 2012, the work is the replicated scent of a brand new MacBook Pro being unboxed for the first time diffused through Air Aroma's Aroslim diffuser. After travelling Tokyo, Paris and New York, the work has gained significant global interest sparked by the public's obsession with new technological advancements.

Air Aroma designs Swedish inspired scent for Volvo

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The automotive industry is facing a time of unprecedented change brought on by the rise of ride-sharing services, innovative technological improvements and an imminent shift towards driverless cars. These changes have transformed the century old industry into a fast-evolving and competitive environment. As a means to combat these ever-present forces and strengthen customer relations, there has been a notable effort from car companies placing significant care in creating a holistic and meaningful customer experience.

A recent collaboration with Air Aroma and Volvo Car Australia sought to complete their multi-sensory dealership strategy which allows personal customer contact with a unique Swedish flair.

Essential Orange Blossom

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The bitter orange tree is one of the most useful for the fragrance industry—every part yields an interesting raw material. The delicate white flowers provide both Orange Blossom and Neroli essential oils, which are among the most popular ingredients in perfumery, decorating the notes of perfume compositions, lending a fresh touch to floral bouquets and forming the bodies of classical colognes.

Sandalwood - Liquid Gold

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One of the most luscious, alluring scents belongs to the widely acclaimed Sandalwood. It is an anciently revered fragrance, particularly in Eastern culture, but has circulated more recently through the West in perfumery. Its uniquely warm and sweet woody aroma summons a sultry, calming experience and one that is universally pleasing, proving to increase mood and attentiveness.

Sensory experience at Schweppes Flemington Fling Bar

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Discover Melbourne’s spring racing carnival, the biggest event of the year. Racegoers gather every year to Flemington Racecourse, flaunting their stylish outfits forming the sophistication and elegance that the spring carnival brings.

To celebrate the carnival in style the Flemington Fling bar is the place to be. This year Schweppes have paired with Air Aroma to turn their marquee into a unique multi-sensory experience. The high profile celebrities, race sponsors and VRC members are just a few of the people you may see around this years Melbourne Cup.

Spring is in the air at Melbourne Spring Fashion Week

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Melbourne spring fashion week celebrates its 22nd year of showcasing emerging designers, established designers, Australian retailers and new season styles. The Melbourne Spring Fashion Week Hub at City Square on the corner of Swanston Street and Collins Street has been recreated into a spring-themed fashion sanctuary. Here you can expect a range of interactive brand experiences, creative and fun workshops and runways.

To enhance the Spring feeling of MSFW, Air Aroma has created a Spring inspired fragrance which fills the fashion Hub with notes of green grass, rose, hyacinth, lily of the valley and hay. Creating a fresh uplifting environment, reminiscent of the first day of spring as you, step into the fashion Hub for an immersive experience.

The MSFW Hub is the place to be for fashion lovers, offering lunchtime and twilight runways. Get inspired by fashion with many of runways such as David Jones, Huxbaby, Puma and Peter Jackson. Treat yourself to a touch of Italy with a taste of Gelato Messina, get snapped with a Vespa or get your complete look at MECCA beauty wonderland station.

If you would like to get involved in this Spring experience head to City Square ‘The Hub’ to embrace our city’s fashion from 26 August 2016 to 2 September 2016. Find out more at MSFW.

The smell of Campari

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A recent collaboration between Air Aroma and Campari, a world famous and completely unique drink that has remained unchanged since it was created in Novara in 1860, resulted in a creation of a signature scent fragrance that is currently being used in the Rediscover Red campaign taking place throughout the month of August at the Old Clare Hotel in Sydney.